A Lifelong Investment


Richard was just 9 years old when he and his friends used to walk to the Cincinnati Zoo. He especially loved watching the enormous elephants.

Did he know one day he would bring his kids and even his grandkids to gasp at the size of the elephants? Maybe not. But he and his family have never stopped visiting.

As they planned their financial future, Richard and his wife, Catherine, reflected on how fortunate they have been in life. They first considered putting the Zoo in their will, but then realized how much they would enjoy giving back now—while they can still watch their grandchildren re-create Richard's own happy childhood memories. So he chose to direct the required minimum distribution (RMD) from his IRA to the Zoo when he turned 70½.

Statue plaque

A plaque mounted on the lioness statue now honors their generosity. It reads, "To all children, especially our grandchildren."

When the time comes for you to make decisions about your RMD, please consider using it to support the Zoo. You'll help millions of Cincinnatians continue to make wonderful family memories.

To learn more please contact Mary Ann Remke, MBA at 513-487-3342 or maryann.remke@cincinnatizoo.org.