Still Going Strong After Retirement

Mary Jo Peairs

Mary Jo Peairs has ridden her bike around the entire perimeter of the United States since she retired, but she always finds her way back to the Cincinnati Zoo. This unstoppable former Wyoming Schools kindergarten teacher inspires others in her role as a volunteer educator at the Zoo. She especially likes talking about our efforts to rescue and rehabilitate manatees.

"I love seeing the awe that the Zoo inspires in people," she says, "Especially when they see that there are things they can do in their own lives to help protect species."

With her passion for the Zoo and for others, Mary Jo made a simple decision when her financial adviser told her it was time to start taking the required minimum distribution (RMD) from her IRA. She directed the RMD to the Zoo. By law, an IRA owner must start taking distributions at age 70½; taxes are collected on IRA monies that have never been taxed. However, by sending all or a part of the RMD to a charity, taxes are avoided on the charitable gift—up to $100,000! Qualified charities get the entire gift for their programs.

Mary Jo has only two states to go before she has cycled across every state in the U.S. She keeps going strong, and through her RMD, helps ensure that her beloved Zoo does the same.

When the time comes for you to make decisions about your RMD, please consider using it to support the Zoo.

For more information contact Mary Ann Remke, MBA at 513-487-3342 or